Friday, November 11, 2011


TGIF - Thank goodness it's Friday!

This week has been filled with papers, tests, group projects, and work!  I love my job and classmates, but sometimes, a girl just wants to lay on the couch, watch reality television and blog... Is that too much to ask?!

Hopefully not, because that's what I'm finally doing as I type now :)

As stressful as the week may have been, I counted my points each day and haven't even dipped into my weeklies...yet :)

I forgot to take pics of my meals today, but I can tell you what they were:

(I promise to take pics tomorrow!)

-Sprouted cinnamon raisin bread from Central Market (2 PP)
-1 T of Natural Peanut butter (3 PP)
-1 sliced banana to go on top (0 PP)

I have eaten this breakfast every day this week and it keeps getting better and better!

Lunch:  (While eaten at my desk today)
-Sprouted whole grain bread (2 PP)
-2 slices of turkey (1 PP)
-Carrots/Cucumbers (0 PP)
-Salsa (0 PP)
-Apples (0 PP)

If you haven't read my blog before, you may not know that I eat salsa like I'll never see it again!  Seriously, I eat it on salads, with veggies...basically anything and everything :)  Blame my Texas roots!

-Tall soy chai tea latte (4 PP)


My roommates and I just got back from:


Usually, when I eat at places like Olive Garden, I decide beforehand that it's going to be so bad, I shouldn't even worry about counting points.  Basically, I sabotage myself into eating the entire bread basket because I think I can't control myself!  How backwards is that?!

But, tonight, I counted up the points beforehand!

-Salad (4 PP)
-Breadstick (4 PP for one)
-Minestrone soup (2 PP)

Since I had already entered this into my phone before we got there, I couldn't let myself reach for another breadstick.  Blame my Type A personality, but I didn't want to change my log in my phone!  And surprisingly, this tactic worked!

Of course, now it's Friday night and I'm looking at those 49 points I can eat before Sunday...

But, I controlled myself very well, so if I do decide to have something indulgent, I know I deserved it!

Or at least that's what I'll tell the guy at the Dairy Queen drive-thru :)