Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week One Update

Somehow I forgot to update you this morning with yesterday's weigh-in!

The scale said.... 2.6 pound loss!!

I was so happy to see that, especially because I was sick and wasn't able to work out that much!

Hopefully this week will be even more...

Especially because I've been subjecting myself to more frequent, longer runs and a little bit of this:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Turbo Fire, imagine kickboxing, booty-shaking, non-stop moving for an hour...

Tomorrow, I will be doing lots of this....

If you see someone walking around, looking like they just got off a horse, say hi :)

In other news, here are the rest of my eats today:

-Caramel corn rice cakes (3 PP)

-Sprouted whole grain bread (2 PP)
-Tuna fish with celery, onion, relish (2 PP)
-Apple with cinnamon and stevia (0 PP)

-Cookie from roommate's cookie bouquet (11 PP)

-Southwest Chargrilled salad from Chickfila (8 PP)