Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fiesta Time!

So, before we get to the fiesta aka lovely Mexican meal I had for dinner tonight, let's talk about lunch.

Lunch went un-documented because I was too busy with this:

And this:

Imagine a life-size poster of this hanging on your bedroom wall......  Kinda gives me nightmares!

And you can't forget this one over here:

Yes, that is an Audrey poster hanging next to my LSAT poster....everything in moderation people :)

So needless to say, my head was in a BOOK all day long, so I didn't get around to snapping pictures of my lunch.  But it consisted of:

  • Slices of turkey  (2 PP)
  • Some cheese  (2 PP0
  • Chocolate smoothie  (4 PP) (See below for recipe!) 
I did manage to squeeze in a hot and schweaty walk this afternoon with my mom before dinner was served.  

In case you haven't already noticed...I like salads.  They're healthy.  They make me feel FRE$H (okay, not that kind of fresh!).  And they are low in Points Plus!!  

I always manage to top off my salads with tons of stuff and always walk away satisfied!!  Especially when my salad includes cheese, chips, and of course.....SALSA!!!!

This picture does not do this salad beast justice, because it was literally TO.DIE.FOR!!

In the mix went:
  • Lean ground beef cooked with Taco Seasoning  (4PP)
  • Chips for sume CRUNCH  (4 PP)
  • Shredded cheddar cheese  (3 PP)
  • Lots of onion, tomato, and carrots 
  • Lots and lots of salsa  (0 PP)  < Love that!!!  
Of course, my little brother wanted to be included on this blog, so here's his 15 seconds of fame:

You're welcome Grant :)  And, of course the little string bean loads his plate with tacos and chips.....


The rest of my night includes a seat on the couch to watch my MAVS kick the Miami Heat ego out of them :)

What is everyone else's favorite 0 PP ingredient??  

I could literally eat salsa with a spoon all.day.long!  Blame my Texas upbringing :)