Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to Work

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA for the past two days!

Yesterday was the LSAT, so I didn't have much time to post in between leaving 2 hours early (yes, I'm a little paranoid) and taking the 5 hour test!

But, good news is that I'm back for good!!

Checking the LSAT off my list is a huge relief, so now it's time to make some money!!

Today was my first day at work:

Yes, I work at Sonic and yes I bring my lunch :)

I am from a really small town, so I've actually worked at Sonic for the past 4 summers!  I've done internships and other jobs along with Sonic, but my friends always make me come back :)

And, I'm sure you're curious about whether I'm tempted by the food...

DEFINITELY NOT!!  Just work there for a few hours and you will know why :)

Being a carhop is actually a really great workout too, because I'm lifting trays and literally running around for 6 hours a day!  I love it!!

So, because I've been a little scattered lately, my eats reflect it...

Lunch  (in my hot pink lunchbox):

The usual combination:

  • Turkey (2 PP)
  • Cheese stick  (3 PP)
  • Salsa and carrots  (0 PP) 
I just got home, so figuring I burned 5830183 calories, I munched on a few of these:

Coke Zero has finally arrived at our Sonic!!  

I will be back for dinner!  (I just need to rest my feet...and legs....ouch)